Right Reverend Logan McMenamie : Divine Intervention : The Walk : Settlers And First Peoples

JUL 23RD     SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST     2016 ADE
It is my pleasure to agree with you on this matter of Divine Intervention ... I have experienced such peace and joy twice in my life; and, I have witnessed this Intervention in my wife's times of medical crisis ... To this  I say, Thank God. It IS such a comfort to know that the Creator is there / here ... And, that all we need do is to seek out this Intervention through prayer ...
As a practising Anglican, way back circa 1997  (shortly after the Anglican Church of Canada opted to cleave legal expense funds from the $12 Million IRSSV Settlement Fund [I was the Peoples' Warden For St Michael's All Angels, Chemainus] the goal being to reduce the agreed upon settlement amount down to an amount similar to that which would prevail against the Catholic Church in Canada) ... I continued my discoveries on the matter of the Anglican Diocese Of BC 1859 Founding Convention archival records ... and, it was interesting to note that there was considerable debate on the issue of seeking the endorsement of the Head of the Church, UK (Queen Victoria ) as was evidently required as a precursor to seeking incorporation in Canada / BC. It was decided - with a noteworthy comment from the the Attorney General of colony of BC / GH Cary, that such would not be necessary. I have been a successful mover-of-motion at an annual Diocese of BC Synod convention; wherein, I moved that the Canons shall be amended to include the Rights of Natural Justice in all matters of conflict under the Canons. And, I was a member of the Crofton Anglican parish when the church began to sell off properties; and, to close out congregations.
On the other issue in your Victoria Times Colonist article - and, I do understand the gifts that were present during your island walk - the matter of " ... settler people and the First Nations of these islands ..."
It is always difficult to find the appropriate and acceptable English language terms to describe hostile occupancy by a foreign military party ... The Canada Truth And Reconciliation 2015 Final Report has declared some usage of the term "genocide" in relation to the "Indian Residential Schools Survivor Victim / IRSSV ... and, it is worthy of note in this context that Canadian law has apparently incorporated some relevance to these matters in compliance with international doctrines and conventions.
"Settler" infers a right of occupancy. Free Prior Informed Consent of the consecutively settled sovereign peoples (CSSP / 2016) of the west coast Turtle Island Peoples; who possess right of political governance through custom and tradition; i.e., absolute monarchies consider (noting the history of the blankets and shirts : smallpox legacies) appear to deem this "settler" as a trespasser; noting the Tsilhqot'in history of chiefs being hanged. My recollection from researching the Anglican Diocese of BC Archives is that the incorporation terms restricts the ADBC to a 5000 acre real estate limit. The unfolded Hudson's Bay Company Charter (expired, 1697) (see Examination Of Coronation Oath) provided security to settle and occupy in the absence of treaty; and, BC never endorsed the 1763 Royal Proclamation. Historically, the CSSP across Turtle Island North practised the allodium (circa 125 -150 acres per CSSP at age of 12. This allodium spectre was implemented by persons occupying the thirteen colonies; and, became the real estate transfer implemented by the 1776 Founding Fathers in order to have assets to vest to UK banks in order to pay the revolutionary troops). The Doctrine of Discovery; when embraced by the Pope Urban II Catholic Bulls of 1095, plus the 15th century Romana Pontifex and In Caetera, hardly entitles European occupation in Turtle Island as "settlement".
And, regarding "discovery" ... Asian monks were visiting North America since before the time of Christ - establishing monasteries in the Florida regions; and, writing of the miraculous healing waters; and, Zheng He admirals likely sailed up the Turtle Island / North American west coast ahead of the Columbus east coast arrival.
Again - and, considering the English Supremacy Acts that superseded the demise of Catholicism in England - "settler" categorization seems inappropriate.
I have recently completed a jail term for "civil contempt of court" for refusing to comply with the EIIR Canada / BC Legal Professions Act and Regulations; primarily, because I am instructed - as a Shqwi'qwal / speaker for hereditary chiefs, elders and spiritual leaders across North America : i.e., ambassador at large per UN Special Missions conventions - to instruct all EIIR Canada judicial actors to recuse themselves until there are validated Free Prior Informed Consent treaties registered with the UN and GTIF. This is not accepted at the EIIR Canada courts. {SQYX versus EIIR BCSC Case S67804 is currently under international judicial appeal to the ICC via FPIC competent legal counsel of choice : OUTLINE}
Additionally, I am the Ambassador at Large for the redemption of circa $800 million in legal fees paid by Indian Residential School Victim Survivors (n.b. excel grid in Addendum below). IRSSVs paid an average of 40%+ to lawyers; who allegedly also claimed 10% from the federal government. I was a security escort for victims who attended the federal Adjudication Hearings; and, I negotiated legal fees recovery for IRSSVs in tri-party (victims, lawyers; and, federal government) settlements arbitration.

Hence, in summary, the usage of "SETTLER" is qualified in my terminologies as being "SHIP PEOPLES" - those who have arrived as foreign visitors to the CSSP Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples' (CANOE PEOPLES) territories, not ceded, not abandoned, not conquered, not relinquished, not lost through warfare; as also interpreted by the political UN Charter, Chapter VII - illicit military occupancy. (please. see publications in Addendum, below)
When I attended the most recent Supreme Court Of BC sentencing by Justice MACINTOSH on February 4th, 2016, I was accompanied by Elders, Hereditary Chiefs, Spiritual Leaders, and, I possessed signatured proxies from same persons across North America - and, I was presented by an Elder from Ahousaht with a protective eagle amulet to wear in court (my traditional name is Yuxwuletun / eagle - duly recorded and witnessed by two independent business leaders and lawyer on traditional Quw'utsun lands) ... and, my mother through adoption is HRH Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem (Ruby Peter) of Kwa'mutsun Nation State; the Hwuneem family being the second oldest lineage on the west coast ... My birth parents are vikings / note Harold Godvine / see last last anglo-saxon king of England; died at Battle of Hastings.

Justice MACINTOSH (2015-16) ruled that the absence of treaty had no legal merit; that my attendance without benefit of legal counsel was of no consequent merit; and, that I had previously, before Justice GREYELL (2013) declared my right to international conventions as a political prisoner of war. There was no according the documents of response from EIIR regarding my 2005 solicitation to her political duty of care per her 1953 Coronation Oath : " to protect and preserve all customs and traditions of all ... Peoples of ... dominion ... in justice and mercy ... so help her, God ...". Her 2005 letter of response was forwarded to Canada's Governor General (in Addendum); who thus forwarded to Parliament / Cabinet for attending to the matter of EIIR providing " ... adequate state funding for competent legal counsel of choice ..." noting the EU Human Rights Court political decision in Airey versus Ireland : Ireland was deemed encompassed by state duty of care to provide Mrs Airey this "legal counsel of choice" in a divorce matter ... My petition instructions and caution to EIIR was on behalf of all "CSSP" - in particular, children who were being forced by EIIR Canada to live in condemned mouldy homes ... my caution to EIIR was a failure to embrace and provide, as above, would invoke a petition to the UN to impose sanctions upon the UK and EIIR assets in order to remedy the contraventions of these political good and just cause issues to protect her "permanent wards of the state".

Thus, included into my Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun (Speaker Eagle) duties are the continued political publications as ambassador at large (which Justice MACINTOSH refused to accord) : I was entitled (Special Missions provisions Of UN) to be returned to my CSSP HRH sovereign nation state Kwa'mutsun / Quamichan without harm.

My mother has demanded EIIR to return her original 1932 birth certificate; citing absence of jurisdiction in absence of valid treaty ... this remains outstanding, while EIIR utilizes this birth certificate a security for the issuance of EIIR Canada treasury notes, bonds and debentures.  Mom Ruby has been an accredited traditional hul'qumi'num' language archaeologist and protector with UVIC and SFU for more than 45 years. She is a spiritual leader throughout the west coast down to Oregon; and, she is related into most west coast. And, she has presented the 2013 information preliminary complaint dossiere to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (international lawyers not encumbered by the undertaking of the Oath to EIIR will complete the submission in 2016-17) on the matters of relevant issues arising in connection to the Canada TRC 2015 Final Report; in conjunction with the specific matters, as above.

Thank you for receiving and reviewing these commentaries, supra. And, further, I do appreciate your consideration of my specific political opinions on these issues of "SETTLERS" and " FIRST NATIONS"(created under EIIR Canada statute) in absence of treaty ... backgrounder please note that the Hudson's Bay Company Charter expired in 1697; and, always had prohibited any land purchases - only entitled to enter into trade agreements; much like the Empire of the Netherlands and the Haudenosaunee (1613- 2016 continuous trade agreement; longest standing agreement in the world).
Postscript : The appeals of my 2013 / 2015-26 civil contempt of court matters have been submitted in prelinary disclosure to the ICC / the EUCHC / the IACHR / UNCHR; the domestic and international human rights complaints submissions will be filed before July 31ST, 2016. Historically, these land titles matters cost $ 30 - 40 million; and, will languish in court for 20 to 30 years. My anticpated settlement with the Superintendent of Financial Institutions on a matter dating back to 2000 will fund these issues - my estate trust fund will continue these matters into satisfactory resolve and redemption.
Right Reverend McMenamie, I DO compliment you on your recent and arduous journey across Vancouver Island. Redemption and discovery - and, healing, surely is worthy and healthful in the light of TRUTH. Please, continue on this path. The spirit of the Mother of Peacemaking, Jigonhsassee of the Haudenosaunee - from whence Hiawatha arose - offers Gus Wen Tah : Peace, Trust and Friendship : Two Row Wampum, always ... Your good works are a valuable element of healing ... IN TRUTH WE TRUST ... AMEN.

ETC 2 3 4 5 as related to the void Hudson's Bay Company Charter Fitzgerald Examinations : 1613 : Plantagon
Huy'ch'qu' / thank you / merci / Miiqwich
Shqwi'qwal Ralph Charles Goodwin Yuxwuletun
A few years ago we were planning a meeting and we sat down to look at all the options before us.  We had met on a number of occasions and thought through every minute of the meeting. We were very sure that all the bases were covered. We had the agenda which told us when to start and when to end and, of course, breaks at the appropriate timing. Everything was covered.  Then someone said: “You have not left time for the divine to enter in. You are so worried about what might happen or what could or should happen that you have failed to leave room.”  Leaving room takes a lot of courage. It invites us to anticipate beyond the obvious and to live in a new reality.
As I walked the island last year as part of the long journey towards reconciliation between the settler people and the First Nations of these islands, I learned new ways of being. We had planned and organized well but we learned how to be open to another reality in every part of our daily journey - the reality of the divine, the creator, God. We learned that the distance between this reality and the creator is but tissue thin. We learned that we walk always in the presence of the creator and those who have gone before us in this life. We learned that the creator is at work in our world and has not abandoned us or the world.
The word serendipity means expecting the unexpected. Serendipity can be described as luck, however, I believe it is the divine breaking into our reality at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected way.It can happen when we are alone or in the midst of a group. It is when we least expect it but when we most need it.
There is a lovely scene in the Dr. Who series that was on TV last year.  He stands on a planet at the end of time which has two naturally formed towers called The Singing Towers of Darillium.  As he stands looking out on eternity he says:  “When the wind stands fair and the night is perfect. When you least expect it. But always when you need it the most. There is a song.”   
When we least expect it there is a reality that will burst into our lives and surprise us, shock us, comfort us and transform us. Lord George McLeod, the founder of the Iona Community in Scotland, said these words:  "If you call that a coincidence, I hope you have a very dull life."
I do not believe in coincidence and I invite you as well to look and listen for that divine presence in the ordinary, in the common and in the mundane.
In her poem The Rowing Endeth Anne Sexton invites us to consider the possibility that we do not have everything worked out. She invites us to consider the truth that in all our planning and organizing we cannot and should not think that all the bases are covered. In this poem an invitation comes to consider the absurd. The absurd fact that when we least expect it but when we most need it there is a divine intervention into this reality. In the poem she speaks about rowing towards the island that is God. She is invited to play a game of poker. In the game she draws a royal flush and is very sure she has won.  However, God has four aces!. He announces a wild card has been called!  A wild card had been called and shehad not heard.  God laughs, the island laughs and the absurd laugh that untameable, eternal, gut-driven ha-ha and lucky love.
As we continue on the journey we call life know and expect God to play a wild card and as you journey may heaven rub off on you.
The Right Reverend Logan McMenamie is the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of British Columbia
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*This article was published in the print edition of the Times Colonist on Saturday, July 23, 2016, in the Religion section.